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Rocky Socks Youth Development Project!

Buy a bible, Save a child!!!

We at Rocky Socks International Ministries have been blessed with a passion to get the Word into the hands of the youth! Tomorrow’s church. The light of Christ shines the brightest in the midst of the darkest places!

Children in detention centers, group homes and who are under DCS custody shouldn’t have to fight these spiritual battles without being properly equipped. What better weapons than giving them a sword (bible) and the knowledge of God. The youth who are in these situations are mostly given access to King James Version! It’s hard to use your sword in battle if you can’t understand your weapon.

Our organization has decided to implement a system to insert all these youth centers with a fresher and easier to understand version being: New international Version. We believe this version will be more beneficial being easier to understand for our younger generation. It’s important that our kids have the Word and are able to comprehend it.

We are proud to announce Rocky Socks Youth Bible Ministry project!

A project geared towards getting a bible into the hands of our youth who are facing giants in their life! We are looking forward to sowing seeds for the kingdom! We currently have 6 bibles for the juvenile detention center in Bedford County. We also have 16 more on the way for other detention centers!

We are in war with the enemy who is trying to destroy our youth!

Please join our project to take back our kids hearts, souls and minds! Partnering with us would allow us to put the Word of God into the hands of our kids and allow God the opportunity to raise up an army in our children!

– Matthew 18:10

-Psalms 8:2

-Mark 9:37

-Mark 10:15-16

-1 Peter 2:2

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