The reason I serve!

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    The reason I serve!

After spending 23 years of my life in addiction with frequent bouts of homelessness. I understand the struggle. I empathize with the unseen and forgotten. The feelings of hopelessness run rampant among people who fight daily just to find food. In my own battle of homelessness I found it very difficult to apply for a job or even have any morale due to the lack of bathing or clean clothes. I woke up with hopelessness and went to bed with it. I battled depression and despair and I just wanted someone to care. People would walk by and not even notice me. It was like I didn’t even exist. That’s a very dark and lonely place to be. More times than not I would wonder what am I even here for. I have no worth. Somewhere in the midst of all my brokenness and disappointments a Savior  showed up. Willing to reach down and offer me a hand. Not caring that I was dirty, depressed  and discarded. He said that was his specialty. So then and there I committed to having a new life. One with purpose and direction. I now work alongside wonderful people who want to be a light in the dark places of homelessness and addiction. I am a child of God and I do matter. I do have a purpose and that’s to share the love of my heavenly Father with people that need a hand or a hug. With that being said can I just briefly encourage everyone to get the word out about our ministry. In doing so you, yes You, help spread awareness. Just because someone is dirty, or has on filthy clothes doesn’t make them any less human. There’s a heart inside their chest, dreams inside their mind, a personality under the skin and a soul begging for attention behind the pale gaze of being forgotten. We all are created equally. Some people have very unfortunate things happen to them. Addiction, divorce, mental illness, job loss and a lot of other tragic events that leave them broken. So please don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for the next person to make a difference. We all want change but don’t anyone wanna change! I encourage everyone to be the change you wanna see.


Joseph Brock

Joseph Brock

Broken to blessed, From death to life, I have been set free because Jesus paid the price!

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