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My Journey going into Rocky Socks International Ministries


Often times we want to see the end before we begin to take a single step, but God rarely every provides the whole picture from the start. As my friends and team steps out of the boat and prepares to start a completely new chapter I’m extremely humbled by the willingness to follow Jesus no matter what. Being a disciple of Christ is hard. I have by no means perfected it and I never will, but through the Holy Spirit I am getting to experience it in a whole new light. Wherever God guides, He provides. Praise God for that truth.


There are people I have never met, and a God who is willing to send me and my team so that people can know him. There is an amazing God who loves every single one of those beautiful people. I want these people to realize whether they are having a terrible week, month, or year that Jesus is still crazy in love with them. I want to weep when these people weep. I want to rejoice when God is doing great things in their life. I want to be able to walk alongside of these people through the good times and bad as I have so often had amazing people to do with me. It is insane to think that I am in love with people that I have never met, but I am so passionate for these people. I am so thankful that God continues to call me deeper. What God has called for you to, he will equip you for.  He doesn’t ask for us to have it all together, He asks for us to be faithful. He has proven just that over and over again in my life.


A God-sized dream is something you discover not create. If we are being completely honest, this is WAY out of my comfort zone but I’ve come to a place in my walk to understand that the church cannot be both missional and comfortable at the same time. So it is time to make a decision on what we are going to be and I refuse to allow my contentment to be an idol in my life anymore. Take a moment to evaluate and ask yourself: “Who’s in more danger- the persecuted or the comfortable?” All I know is at the end of my life I would never want to reach out with a soft, un-callused hand, never dirties by serving, and shake the nail pierced hand of Jesus.


Together we’re building a safe place for people to get free and to celebrate all that Jesus has done and will do. We are cultivating a people that loves on our city, & believes that every single person that we encounter should leave as a friend and brother/sister in Christ. I want us to laugh together, cry together, sing together, dance together, and most importantly for people to come from death to life. I pray that the spirit of God falls on the region declaring as far as my eyes can see from the East to the West that the Lord could claim this land. May Jesus be known.


I know this is all over the place, if you know me then you know how “me” this is. My daily prayer has been that God would use us in unique ways and that we would boldly say yes. So here we are…boldly saying yes to Rocky Socks International Ministries. It has already been a beautiful journey of living in obedience and watching God write the most unreal story! I share this vague news because Guys…God is crazy. This whole year, and especially the last few weeks, I have just been in awe of how intricately He weaves our stories together. I fully believe God intertwines lives for a reason and gives us relationships we need at the perfect time in life. Nothing is wasted. Not one struggle. Not one prayer. God has been preparing us and calling each of us higher and it is remarkable to see people I love step into that very calling. God is constantly leaving me in awe. I have been blown away by how much He loves His children! Every. Single. One.


If you have any questions, I would LOVE to go into more detail about what the Lord is doing in and through this ministry and our team. This is so much bigger than us, but we fully believe that this is what the Lord has called us to in this season of life. All that matters in the end is that the King and the Kingdom will be glorified.




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